Bring Utility to Your Meme Coin with FuturePlay

Are you the founder of a meme coin project that wants to add utility to your project? If yes, FuturePlay is here to help take your meme coin mainstream. With our unique meme coin casino concept, you can offer your coin’s investors utility and thereby help your project stand apart in what is an otherwise increasingly saturated industry.

To know more about FuturePlay’s meme coin casino or to register interest, feel free to write to us at [email protected].

What is a Meme Coin?

In simple terms, meme coins can be defined as crypto currencies that are named after people, animals, countries, and anything you can pretty much think of. Meme coins usually do not have any real utility or roadmap attached to them and the only reason people trade these coins is speculation and FOMO.

With that being said, Meme coin trading constitutes around 70% of all crypto currencies trades on a day to day basis. Solana is the most popular blockchain for meme coins, closely followed by Ethereum and Layer 2 chains such as Base and ZkSync. Dogecoin is arguably the most popular meme coin in existence and ranks among the top 10 crypto currencies in terms of market cap. Some of the other popular meme coins in existence include DogWif, Turbo, Bonk, and Pepe.

FuturePlay’s Meme Coin Casino

Our meme coin casino concept aims to offer utility against meme coin in the form of a dedicated crypto casino. In other words, at your meme coin’s casino, you can play your favorite crypto casino games using your meme coin.

FuturePlay launched this concept in 2024 and the first meme coin we’d created was for a highly popular meme coin known as JizzLord ($Jizlrd).

While FuturePlay offers the techstack for your meme coin, the coin’s founders and team can pick and choose the games on the casino and thereby offer a more customized experience to their players.

Benefits of FuturePlay’s Meme Coin Casino

FuturePlay is a licensed and regulated crypto casino and partnering with a reputed casino shall help any meme coin gain mainstream popularity. Listed below are some of the other reason to consider creating a coin for your meme coin:

  • Offer utility to your investors.
  • Allow holders to a new way to utilize their holdings.
  • Additional revenue for the team through FuturePlay’s Meme coin affiliate partnership program.
  • FuturePlay’s Meme Coin Partnership Program

    We onboard every meme coin as an affiliate of FuturePlay. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn revenue for every player that plays at using your affiliate link. For more details in this regard, get in touch with our team: [email protected].

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